Facebook’s attention to the local business market continues to evolve. They have integrated some really cool new features into the customer review platform. What was once known as Reviews is now called Recommendations, which makes getting customer feedback easier. It starts with a simple, “Would you recommend this business?”

Facebook’s Recommendation feature viewed on mobile

* 2 out of 3 Facebook users visit the page of a local business at least once a week

* 1 out of 3 People on Facebook use it to LOOK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS and reviews

If your business isn’t actively growing and managing your online community, and promoting Recommendations, than you’re loosing ground to competitors who are.

Facebook Recommendations viewed on desk-top

After the customer has decided to recommend or not (Yes or No), Facebook then gives them the option to rate your business 1 to 5, tag different things they liked about your business and write a traditional text review.

Facebook Tags & Reviews

Facebook does currently give your Page Manager the option to turn this feature off, but we highly recommend that you don’t. Instead, use this feature to your advantage. For starters, look at it from it’s intrinsic value. Real feedback from customers is valuable, and let’s you know where to improve. And since Facebook is paying more attention to local business, they are integrating their Recommendation feature all over their interface. And if you’re already working hard to cultivate happy customers, why not help them tell the world about your business!

It looks like Facebook is making a significant push into the local business marketing world. Advocating Recommendations and Reviews is a big indicator they are looking to leverage their giant audience into this space and give Google a little competition.

The bottom line for you is that it’s becoming more important than ever before to incorporate an ongoing and coherent Social Media strategy into your business.

* Source: Facebook