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Mission Statement

Technical prowess with creative engagement…

Our mission starts with fixing and optimizing all of your online technical assets (website, hosting, email, G Suite, social media accounts, etc.). It continues with making sure your entire Internet footprint is Google compliant & adheres to established guidelines. And while we’re at it, our creatives will insure your brand is consistent throughout your entire Internet footprint.

Our Management

Our roots date back to the pre-internet days as a commercial printing firm. Our first websites were developed in the earliest days of the internet using hand typed HTML code. Today we develop and manage the latest content management systems, and deploy the latest in Internet architecture and online practices. Internet technology has come a long way, and we have been engaged in it since day one.



Don has been in the business since the earliest days of the Internet, setting up BBS (Bulletin Bord Systems) in the late 80’s. He pioneered SEO techniques for first search engines, such as AltaVista, WebCrawler, Excite and others. Don devotes much of his time in research to ensure our clients are using the latest practices and are adhering to the most recent Google Webmaster guidelines. He is also an expert in Internet architecture and web hosting. Don Powell is the President and Founder of Social Power, Inc. He loves boating, micro-brews, business networking, playing billiards and spending time with friends & family.

Our Culture

We found this material at Delanos Coffee, and it really spoke to our team. So we have adopted it, put our own flavor on it, and made it our own.

In a field with such advancing technological complexity trust often is all our clients have to make decisions. Being honest with our clients and vendors and making fair deals breads loyalty both ways. At Social Power honesty starts at the top and is pervasive throughout our company, and every team member goes home feeling good about the days services rendered to our clients.

Under promise and over deliver will always win the day! When other companies in our space promise you the moon, we just give you realistic expectations. Then do our best to exceed them when we can.

People love to see things new and interesting. Being creative and resourceful helps lead to engagement!

More than just being frugal, optimizing financial resources leads to better efficiency and competitive pricing for our clients.

Given the rapid pace of change and technological advancement in our business, continuing education is a must. A significant percentage of time is devoted to it. We also deploy cross training between personnel in different departments. This helps mitigate bottlenecks in operations, and brings synergy in the design and function of our client’s finished products.

Adopting change and new methods is part of our culture at Social Power. This helps keep us competitive, and insures our clients have the latest and best practices with their online presence.

We are good at communicating about complex technologies and systems in ways that business owners can understand. This helps decision makers make choices that are best for their business and needs. But good communication goes beyond the tech. It embraces foresight and frankness at the risk of being the proverbial bearer of bad news.

Overcoming technological obstacles and challenges present wins almost daily for our team members. These equate to successes for our clients, and present opportunities for regular recognition.

Doing the best we can, and applying the extra effort to make things look and function great are the cornerstones of quality.

Social Power is a fun place to work, and our staff loves to have fun. And when our personnel aren’t funny enough, our wonderful collection of clients provide endless opportunities for humor. We just like to have fun!

Helping others, both in the office and in the community, represent important opportunities that we often enjoy.

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