Social Media Services

Get the Social Power Social Media setup service with optional community management for your businesses, professional practice or organization. Use our setup service to get all your social media spaces working properly. Social Power can grow and manage your communities by creating engaging content. Our social media experts take care of keeping your platforms active with relevant and engaging content. We … Read More

Mobile Responsive Website Development

Your website must be mobile responsive to remain relevant, Social Power can help. Now, more than ever, websites must translate across many screen sizes. A recent study shows that the percentage of web visits from mobile users is at an astonishing 60% and rising. This means a majority of your customers will be viewing your website on tablets and smart … Read More

Search Engine Optimization

Social Power makes Search Engine Optimization work for your business. Show more customers who are in need of you and your reputable business or products offered through our effective SEO Tactics. We analyze your website as well as your competitors using industry keywords. We then come up with a game plan tailored to your specific needs employing our custom tactics that help more customers … Read More

Online Advertising – PPC

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Once your organic internet footprint is set up and developed, you may want to consider Social Power paid advertising. Some online advertising has significant value and can generate instant business, while others are a black hole of wasted money. Social Power can manage your online advertising for you, and make it a logical and effective component of your overall internet … Read More