What is Web Hosting?

A website is a collection of files that reside on a special computer caller a server. When someone visits your website, they are actually visiting this server and requesting a copy of the files that make up your website to be sent to their computer/smartphone/tablet. This process is called hosting, and it can be done very cheap, or can be very costly.

Cheap hosting is where your website is hosted on a server shared with thousands of other websites. As you might expect, the speed, performance, security, features and many other aspects of cheap hosting are commensurate to the fees charged by the hosting company.

Social Power hosting is done on a high performance server dedicated only to Social Power clients. Our server is racked in a high security facility with amazing Internet connectivity. See our WordPress Everything Hosting page for more details.

What is Local Search SEO?

Local Search is a term describing a business who wants local people to find their business on search engines like Google and Bing. It is typically recognized by the business showing up in the map section of a search return.

Social Power has an excellent track record of helping businesses appear prominently for Local Search. From professionals such as dentists and chiropractors, to small businesses like trucking firms, restaurants and manufacturers, Social Power Local Search and Internet Footprint development gives the competitive advantage. Want proof? Just ask one of our Consultants to show you!

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search Optimization for websites means different things to different people. Social Power’s definition is to properly develop a website and an Internet Footprint based on the rules set forth by Google and Bing. The result is for your website to appear near or at the top of the first page of search results.

How do I get on the front page of Google?

The best way to get to the front page on Google is to be the best business! This is because as part of Google’s core business (search) they are motivated to give searchers the best results to their searches. While advanced techniques in online development certainly help contribute to SEO when they conform to published guidelines, operating a good and honest business is a key component. This is why Social Power prefers to do business with good and reputable businesses. It makes our job easier.

How do I get reviews?

Never hire a reputation management company who “magically” procures them for you. This is another way of warning you not to purchase or otherwise think reviews can be cheated into existence. Only authentic reviews should be cultivated, which is what Social Power helps SEO clients acquire.

What social media platforms do I need?

While Facebook is almost always part of any social media campaign, the other social media spaces each have their own unique cultures and methodologies. Social Power will help setup and manage your various social media spaces for you.

Why do I need Social Media for my business?

Because that’s where the people are! Social media helps your business stay in communication with current clients like no other medium. It also provides a way for prospects to take a peek at your business and its culture while getting a connection and sense of legitimacy.

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

Various pay-per-click opportunities exist all over the Internet. Google and Bing will display your ad based on targeted keywords that’s used in a search, while Facebook displays ads based on a very wide variety of demographics from which to choose. Social Power will set up and manage your pay-per-click campaigns, and show you exactly what the costs and breakdown of the ad spends are. Try getting that information from your big brand agencies!

What is Re-targeting?

When a visitor visits your re-targeting enabled website, a cookie is placed on their computer or device. Then for the next month or so your ad will be seen by them on numerous other websites all over the internet. This includes big brand websites like CNN, Huffington Post, and thousands of others. It’s an ingenious way to remind your prospects about their visit to your website and get another chance to engage with them.

What is my role as a business owner in using Social Power services?

The more participation by a business owner the better. We like it. This can include providing pictures and content, current events around your business, and shared social media participation. However, many business owners are too busy, or not technically savvy enough to offer much input in their setup and management of their Internet presence. With years of experience serving a wide variety of businesses and organizations, and an educated workforce, we can (and often) develop everything for our clients. People wonder how we can know and understand their business so well!

Can Social Power fix and manage existing websites?

Over the years Social Power website technicians have fixed and managed all kinds content management systems, and we have yet to meet a challenge that we couldn’t handle well. While we have chosen to focus upon WordPress websites (they are the most widely used after all), we can manage and improve just about any website out there.

Can Social Power fix a hacked website?

Yes! Hacking is such a problem that we repair many hacked websites every month.

Why does my business need a new website?

Usually because your website is old. As technology advances old websites become liabilities. Some of the issues with old websites include poor performance on modern mobile devices, inviting security vulnerabilities, and stale appearance turning visitors away. Social Power has programs making a brand new modern website designed to excel on mobile devices so affordable that almost any business can now have the latest technology.

What is mobile responsiveness?

Mobile responsive means that a website’s hosting server can distinguish between a desk-top monitor and a mobile device. The website will essentially re-organize itself on the fly and optimize it’s appearance instantly. This technology has eliminated the need for multiple versions of your website, and just one responsive website works for everything. All of Social Power’s websites are mobile responsive, and made with mobile browsing at the forefront if their design.

Why do I need responsiveness?

Because most visitors to your website are using mobile devices to browse it! If your old website shows up so small that they have to spread and move around to see anything the chances are they will leave and go someplace else. Another reason is that Google will penalize your website ranking for not being mobile responsive.