Got Social Power?


Why You Need Social Power
Social Power, Inc. is the team working to ensure the voice of your online presence is heard. We employ our web, search, and social expertise to grow your online presence. Social Power stays current so that you have nothing to fear from the tsunami of technological change. We understand the importance of responsiveness and consistency across the web; which is why you need a team with the ability to represent your social media, web design, and SEO needs synergistically. Our expertise is in mobile responsive web design, local search optimization, and social media community management.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Websites are now viewed on a variety of sources from laptops, to smartphones, tablets and desktops. It is more important than ever that your site is optimized for viewing on all of these platforms. Mobile first design ensures that your site design loads properly and cohesively on any device. Google now places a premium on Mobile responsiveness, these websites will outrank those that are not.SEO

Local Search Optimization
Local search optimization is used to ensure you are populating well in local results on the web. We get your business listed everywhere it belongs and verify consistent information on authoritative sources. We love to help local businesses thrive!

Social Media Community Management
An effective Social Media presence is absolutely key in engaging customers and remaining relevant within this active community. Engagement should be organic and genuinely represent your business but also be done with quality content.


We can do all these things and more. Have questions? Reach out, we’d love to hear from you and learn about your unique company. Together we can grow your online community!