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Get real Search Engine Optimization done the right way. Designed for long lasting high ranking results, we incorporate all elements of your online presence around your SEO strategy. Keyword research, website optimization, backlinks and citations, social media and review gathering are all components of Social Power Search Engine Optimization.

81% of B2B buying decisions begin with search, and with consumers it’s 89%.

Social Power stands apart from other companies who claim to do SEO. That’s because we bring the latest technology and modern methods to achieve lasting front page results.

Not buzz-word compliant, and no smoke and mirrors here – just results.

We never stop advancing, and that’s because Search Engine Optimization never stops evolving.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Average monthly packages range from $500 to $5000 per month. Because of the complexities surrounding both On-Site and Local Search SEO Social Power provides pricing of SEO on a case by case basis. We can help small businesses or single practitioner medical practices compete, and in many cases out perform large competitors. We also can assist large organizations, or businesses with many locations, leverage their size to dominate their category in search.

In some cases results from SEO work can be seen in relatively short time, as in days or weeks. In most cases an SEO project will take many months, and become a permanent part of your marketing budget. Authentic SEO work is a long process of improving the use of online technologies, techniques and practices. This work must be done in concert with published and approved methods. Playing by the rules, and carefully protecting your domain and your brand, is a overriding concern.

No. Avoid agencies who claim to guarantee to get you to the top of the first page of search results. Sure, you could easily rank number 1 for a search term that nobody uses, but that’s a waste of time and money. Aggressive tactics that yield impressive results are often short lived. The way we achieve top organic rankings are to earn them by helping your business be the best it can be. Proper practices also lead to lasting results.

No. Our services are month to month. Clients may cancel their services any time with a 30 day notice.

Yes. Although there are exceptions. The size of your market and competitiveness of your business type play a big role in rankings. As Internet technologies continue to advance the companies who deploy modern tools usually will out rank those who don’t.

Secure websites and essential in SEO. Search engines will favor website that are secured with an SSL cert. over those that are not. Some web browsers will issue warnings to your visitor that your website is potentially dangerous when it’s not secure.

Yes. Content that is relevant to your business, such as blogs and new web pages, let’s search engines know

Yes. But merely publishing content for the sake of SEO is the wrong idea. The goal is to publish high quality content that is relevant to your business, and to have people read it and share it.

Companies who claim to be able to “get reviews FOR you” are also sometimes known as reputation management firms. Reviews MUST be natural, and done by real people who have engaged with your firm. A vendor, like Social Power, can help YOU get reviews from customers, but these are real. The best way to get reviews is to try and be the best company. This way people will naturally want to give you glowing reviews.

No. Any true SEO professional does not need to use phone solicitation to get clients. These firms usually begin by telling you some lie, and then take your money and do little to nothing to earn it. Even worse, they often practice techniques that violate acceptable practices. These mistakes will need to be cleaned up by a real SEO professional at significant costs to your business.

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