The Benefits of Social Media For B2A-Z Marketing

In today’s society, traditional advertising alone is not enough. According to Forbes on average, we are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. With that bombardment of ads, we can’t soak in all of the information. Not to mention DVR and ad blocker that allows us to not see an advertisement at all. So this is where a strong social media presence comes into play.

Social media has the power to not only reach current and new customers. It reaches other businesses, influencers, investors, decision makers, really it reaches everybody.

Think about your own personal social media use and some of the things you would see on an average day. Maybe your friends and family are sharing pictures from trips or wishing each other a happy birthday. This is the content that they generate themselves, which is becoming a smaller part of social media. Then there is the larger part of social media, where your friends and family are sharing posts and pictures or tagging other friends in the comments of a hilarious video or meme.

This engaging content was produced by a brand/ company for this exact reason. They are utilizing their social media platform to reach the experts, and have them share the content created by the brand. In the eyes of the consumer, the expert is no longer the company, it is the everyday ordinary consumer.

For example, if my best friend likes brand X, so she shares their content and tells me about products Q,R,S that she enjoys. I am more likely to engage with that brand both through social media and eventually through a purchase. My best friend is the expert to me, she already has a relationship with the brand and shares her knowledge of them to me.

Here are eight breakdowns of the benefits of social media for your business.


This is done through building a community to advertise to. Social media ads can link back to your website or your page and drive people to make purchases online. Social media advertisements aren’t limited to the people that already follow you. There is targeting that can be as specific as you want, to reach new people and businesses. Ads on social media are less interruptive and have the look and feel of regular content, so they tend to get more engagement.

Strengthening Your Brand

Social media provides an avenue for you to show off the human aspect of your company and to establish yourself as an authority. When you show a glimpse into the people that are apart of your company and all of their experience, people feel more connected to you and your brand. People are more likely to buy from a company who is viewed as an authority.

Gaining New Customers

Utilizing social media for contests and promotions is a great way to gain more customers. By having your current followers share your posts and tag friends, you will encourage new people to follow your page. When they are following your page, you will be able to share with them when you have a new product or service that is coming out, or when you are having a sale.

Content Your Customers Want to Show Their Friends

By creating original content that your current followers want to share and show their friends is so much more powerful than an advertisement. As was mentioned before, current users/followers of a brand or company are viewed as the experts. Think about the Tasty videos that Buzzfeed produces. Those videos are always being shared, which means the Tasty name is always out there and people will go to their website for more content and information.


Social Media is a great place to research what your target market likes. You can see what some of the trends are and emulate that. Also, you can look at your competitors page and see what they are doing and if your audience likes it or not. Other businesses will use it to do research on you. They will look at all of your platforms and it will help them decide if they want to do business with you.


Connecting with others who are in your field or a complementary one is easier than ever with social media. LinkedIn which is designed specifically for this is a great place to build your professional network. When you interact with other experts in other fields, you build your authority. Also, when you are doing business with other companies, having a social network of other professionals, that can recommend you and your product or service is imperative.


You can reach a broad range of people by posting job listing on your social media accounts. It doesn’t have to only be on LinkedIn, you can utilize all of your platforms for recruitment. Then, people can share your posting or tag people in the comments. Allowing you to reach more people and get a stronger group of candidates.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine sites factor in the number of followers, likes, and engagement that your social media accounts have, when they decide who to put at the top of their search. Having a larger social media presence, establishes you as an authority, which the search engines rank as extremely important. Through the use of hashtags and keywords in your posts, you will be more searchable. Also, social media can improve your SEO by increasing third-party links, mentions, and interest in your brand’s content.

People’s day to day lives are becoming more and more online. Social media is the beacon of knowledge that the world turns to for answers. If you and your company don’t have a presence across all of its platforms, soon you may be left in the dust.