Web Design & Development

Web Design

A company’s website is it’s most important and authoritative document. Your website needs to be stylish, professional, and responsive, the team at Social Power can deliver all this and more. We create websites that work for you and your business with custom design and features that make your website stand out among your competitors.

Web Design & Development Services

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    Custom Design

    We will design your new website to include your logo, graphics and further disseminate your brand. If your business or organization has yet to develop a brand, we can help create one for you.text for your Feature List Item should go. It's best to keep it short and sweet.

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    Mobile Responsive Technology

    Your new website will be mobile responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts to optimize for all devices ranging from desktop computer monitors down to smartphones.

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    Logical Flow

    Visitors to your new website will intuitively know where to click and how to navigate to the information they need.

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    Call to Action

    What do you want your visitors to do? A good call to action encourages your visitors to fill out a form, make a phone call, make an appointment or some other action.

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    Review Gathering

    We help make it easy for you to get satisfied customers to share their experience. Reviews are an important part of search optimization, and will help grow your business.

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    Contact Form

    Collect information by giving visitors a contact form to fulfill a variety interactive needs.

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    Custom Blog

    Easily publish regular blog posts to keep browsers coming back, and to show Google you have growing relevant content.

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    Social Media Integration

    We’ll help keep your brand top-of-mind by integrating your social media into your new website. Social media integration will help improve SEO too!

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    SEO Building Blocks

    Building in fundamental SEO while your website in being developed only makes sense, so we do it!

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    Google Analytics Setup

    This valuable Google service is an important tool used to measure a variety of important metrics.

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    Account Setup

    We get your website set up and connected with Google’s vital tools. Google Webmaster & Google Sitemap are important services that help insure Google integrates your website accurately, timely and efficiently into their databases.

Feature Services

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    Business Class Hosting

    Unlike the big name economy hosting services where you share resources with thousands of other websites, Social Power hosting uses an ultra powerful latest technology server located in the most connected facility in the world. The result is that your website performs extremely fast, with multiple redundant backups. Besides ensuring we keep browsers satisfied, this level of performance is an important measurement in SEO.

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    E-Commerce Website

    Includes the shopping cart software setup, merchant account integration, limited product(s) setup, and shipping setup. You get a complete functioning online storefront ready to take orders and have the proceeds deposited into your bank account. Includes 5 hours of training and technical support so you can learn how to add products and manage your online store.