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As WordPress experts we can do just about anything you may want from WordPress. From style to functionality, your new website will inspire engagement while looking modern and professional.

85% of small businesses are guilty of crowding their website with too many on-page elements.

Is your website designed to achieve your business goals?

Websites can come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important thing is that it works towards achieving your business goals.

Social Power develops numerous types of WordPress websites tailored to meet your needs. With a focus on design that promotes your brand, our team builds websites for small and large businesses alike. We have an emphasis on building solid, mobile-responsive WordPress websites.

Why WordPress? Besides being the most widely used CMS (Content Management System), we can do just about anything you may need with WordPress. And shhh!, Google loves WordPress.

Kinds of Websites You Can Get From Social Power

We believe that great web design comes from immersing ourselves in your industry & your brand aesthetic. We know that your website is the most important tool your brand has so we take pride in our collaborative design process making a special point to understand you, your community, and your brand goals when designing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a website will vary greatly depending on many factors. We have competitive pricing options for businesses of all sizes, along with the expertise to meet the technological and branding needs you may require.

Development times can vary greatly based upon many factors. However, we have learned that a thorough and complete on-boarding process can minimize holdups. If you have a deadline, let us know? We can sometimes work magic if the need is there.

All of our websites start with a powerful full featured installation of WordPress. Even though you may start with a simple corporate brochure type website, additional functionality can be added at any time without having to start over. This includes adding an ecommerce store, newsletter signup, CRM integration and more.

Social Power has a dedicated server co-located at a well known hosting company. Only Social Power clients reside on our server, which is far better that having your website on a server shared with thousands of other websites. Check our website hosting page for a full description of services.

We think of website design from a Mobile First perspective because so many people browse the internet on smartphones and other mobile devices.

You own your website, and will have the necessary credentials to take it to another provider.

Should your website become hacked or otherwise damaged, we will be able to restore from a collection of historical backups which are stored off site for added security.

We typically charge half down, and half due upon completion. All terms are spelled out in advance.

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