Yes, You Do Need a Social Media Strategy!

One of the most common complaints we hear from business owners is that they have tried social media, but it didn’t work for them.


Upon investigation we learn their attempt was little more than assigning an employee to set up a Facebook Page – maybe a Twitter account too – and getting employees and friends to like it. And that’s about as far as it usually goes. Some will go a little further and post some content, and that eventually turns into an old style ad or “special” being shared with the fledgling little community.

What’s missing is a well thought out strategy and the resources allocated to building an online community. Who do we want to be part of our community? What do we have to give to attract them? How long will it take to get results? Where do we find people? And in what online social media spaces do we need to engage? These are among the questions we should be hearing, but rarely do today’s decision makers understand social media enough to even ask the right

Not only do businesses need a social media strategy, but moreover, they need a strategist and the resources along with the time commitment necessary to do the job effectively.


By the time you see the above graphic showing the number of people engaged in the various social media spaces, the numbers will be obsolete. Not only do we see continued growth, but new social media spaces are showing up with new opportunities for community building.


Let’s explore how social media can play a role in your business’s growth. Take a few minutes to fill out our intake form. And let’s see what kind of social media strategy we can develop for you.